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Dr. C!

Educator, Entreprenuer, Life Coach, Author, Mother, & Wife!

     Dr. Shavonna Coakley obtained her undergraduate degree from Livingstone College, and her Master's degree in Education Administration and Supervision and Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership from the University of Phoenix. She has worked and served in the public education sector for more than 20 years. Dr. Coakley currently serves as the Director for Student Discipline and Hearings with Charleston County School District's Department of Alternative Programs and Services.

     Merging her love for assisting scholars, families, and communities, Dr. C founded and serves as the Executive Director of Know Your Power, a non-profit organization called into action to support all things public education K-12. Therefore, it would be of no surprise, that Dr. C established The Power In You Collective, LLC where she serves as a Life Coach and Motivational Speaker. 
      Dr. C's expertise and experiences has led to the PowerME concept, where she has trained organizations and teams to transform their thoughts from "Who Am I?" to "I AM".....where participants learn to boldly confess this POWER to all they meet!  This concept has been the catalyst for Dr. Coakley’s success and as a result, her goal is to travel the world to ensure others know, understand, and are embracing The PowerMeUp motto!  

     Dr. C provides Coaching & Empowerment Services to individuals, groups, and organizations desiring to make PowerMeUp moves to improve their respective businesses and professional or personal needs.

Give me 10 min to teach you what took me 10 years to learn!

Dr. Shavonna Coakley

"Dr. C~that's me!"

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