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Restoring the Laughter!

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

4th Quarter Moves will have those folks who counted you out looking at you with this thought----"Who is that girl?"

Let's not sugarcoat this one! Professional hurts can be a killer to the spirit and depending on the level of your faith and your resilence, you may or may not ever fully recover. However, I have good news and more good news to share with you! The first good news is there's a 4th quarter move waiting on you! The second good news is to get to this 4th quarter move, there's some work you'll have to put in to make sure you get there! Ready? Let's Go!

Growing up, Daddy always told us to work our hardest the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd nine weeks of school so that when 4th quarter came, our road would be easy......

If you just read the statement above about Daddy, you are probably asking, "What about the laughter, Dr. C?" I'm getting there, I'm getting there!

I was entering my 3rd year as the principal of my childhood school and while typing this sentence should give me so much joy and maybe even a little bit of a puffed chest, it does not. Instead, whenever I think back to this time of my life, I find myself reliving those constant feelings of uncertainity, dread, defeat, loss, imbalance, and betrayal. However, because of THE WORK I chose to put in to restore my "I AM POWER", I AM now able to back up those feelings with these words: SURVIVOR, RESILIENT, OVERCOMER, FORGIVEN, and REDEEMED!

Aht, Aht, Aht! Let's not get it twisted. When I say forgiveness and redeemed, I am not speaking about "man's" forgiveness and redemption towards me. I am once again referencing THE WORK I chose to put in to get to a 4th quarter move! Ready for more? Let's Go!

Quarter 1, Quarter 2, Quarter 3.........Quarter 4!

I am going to sum this up quickly, but look for my next blog that discusses "Forgiveness Isn't About Them, It's About You!"

Quarter 1 equates to year 1 of my removal from the school~

This year was filled with lonlieness, uncertaninty, fear, and anxiety. I was angry and bitter, but I wore an invisible mask everyday while in the presence of anyone related to my place of employment. The biggest issue with this quarter was not being in a space to trust anyone, therefore I continously asked myself, "Who AM I?"

Quarter 2 equates to Year 2 of my removal~

I was less lonely, but still in a zone of uncertainty and full of emotions. I was also now opened to building new relationships with the folks who appeared genuinely responsive to my concerns. I began really trusting two of my colleagues and now consider both to be professional lifesavers and great friends. In this quarter, I was asking a little less, but still too often, "Who AM I"? However, what I also want you to know is, I also found myself now answering this question! Remember the first good news I told you all about? Yes, this is it! If you put in THE WORK, it becomes a little easier the next quarter! Let's keep going!

Quarter 3 equates to Year 3 of my removal~

I began smiling a little more and feeling good about Shavonna. Great changes were begining to happen. I was on my way to completing my doctoral degree, arriving to my place of work no longer seemed like a burden, and I started feeling complete in knowing there were some things I just couldn't control. The need to have recognition for the work I was doing was less of a worry for me and I began changing my "WHO AM I?" question to an "I AM" statement. Then it happened! I began speaking affirmations into my own life. Affirmations such as I AM....Blessed, I AM....Accepted, I AM....Chosen, I AM.....Forgiven, I AM.....redeemed!

Quarter 4 equates to my Present~

THE NOW! It was at the level of Forgiving Myself that I finally fouund the ability to redeem and restore my laughter. I had to forgive myself for allowing the hurts others inflicted on me to send me into a dark place. My redemption of self allows pure, genuine, unforced laughter to fill the air. The pep in my step has returned. I now see people as people and I have learned to not expect anything in return, because the decisions and behaviors of others, cannot decide how I will respond. Most importantly, I am glowing again! THE WORK that was put in during Quarters 1, 2, and 3, are now working on the inside and outside of me in Quarter 4.

Daddy's wisdom on how to succeed in the classroom, continues to play out in my professional and personal endeavors. 4th quarter is looking pretty easy! Is this not good news? I told you I had two to share with you! Are you ready to make 4th quarter moves? Let's Talk About It!

Until next time Kings & Queens, keep your crown tight because you are destined for RHOyalty!

Dr C. ~ that's me!

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