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Your I AM is your POWER

Dismiss the "DEY Saids"

Who are you and what is your I AM POWER?

I AM......Who I Say I Am!

Listening to the "Dey Saids" will get you everytime! Learn to Dismiss the Dey Saids by activating your I AM Power!

What would you say if I told you, "Our purpose for living is wrapped up in the I AM we speak or don't speak!"


Without even thinking of the biblical context regarding the meaning behind the I AM theory and its impact in each of our lives, there is one thing we can all agree with~ What we say or don't say and what we allow or don't allow, determines how we are seen and treated by others. Here's what I say, CHOOSE YOU, but to CHOOSE YOU, you must know and understand what you are saying! Let's Go!

Know Your Power~Speak Your Power~Wear Your Power~Stand In Your Power!

Let's define those things you have been wanting to do! What happened to that business you wanted to start, but have yet to do so? Who were you speaking to yesterday, last week, or even today, that may have discouraged you from being who BIG God designed you to be? AHT, AHT, AHT!!!!! I am here to tell you, DISMISS the "DEY Saids"! When you are able to do this, you can then say to others I KNOW MY I AM POWER! But hang on, Let's keep moving, because there is more!

Now that you understand being able to dismiss the "Dey Saids" means you now KNOW YOUR I AM POWER, Let's make sure you understand what your I AM POWER can do for you!

You want a new job, new home, or a new car? Then SPEAK your I AM POWER~ I AM....Blessed! I AM....Provided for! I AM....Encouraged! You need a good report from the doctor, for the mountain to be moved, or for the children to stop acting as if you hadn't parented them~ SPEAK YOUR POWER! I AM....Healed! I AM....Protected! I AM....Chosen! I AM....In Control! Kings and Queens, it is just this simple. You must learn to control the level of influence the Dey Saids should have in your life!

Wooohoooo, HELLO, are you still with me?!!!! What is your I AM POWER? Until next time Kings and Queens keep your crown on tight, because you are destined for RHOyalty!

Dr. C ~that's me!

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